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Flavourful Science was Founded by Norbert Banyi and aims to bring excitement and interest to topics of STEAM. At Flavourful Science, we hope to show that science does not have to be something foreign that is done in a lab, but instead something everyone can do. With the input of renowned educators, we explore important topics of STEM through the art of cooking and relevant real-life applications demonstrated and taught through something everyone is connected to: food. Flavourful Science lessons were piloted as workshops at SuperChefs Kids Camps in Surrey and are currently featured at various events in B.C. through our "Fun at Fairs" outreach program! Flavourful Science is currently developing a grade 10 B.C. curriculum supplemental curriculum, which will soon also be integrated in highschools as a supplemental curriculum for high school teachers, an online resources both for STEAM educators and youth, and Youth STEAM and innovation summer camps for the summer of 2020!





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At Flavourful Science, it is our mission to provide a wonderful STEAM experience for youth. Although we love to learn, the goal is to create a positive portrayal of STEAM and innovation in the minds of children. We ultimately hope that youth associate STEAM concepts and activities with interest and enjoyment. To achieve this, Flavourful Science hosts fun and engaging lessons, workshops, and community activities! Check out to what scale:

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